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Free Crochet Doll Patterns - Includes patterns for Barbie, Kelly, Little Sister, 18" American Girl Dolls and more.
We should all give a special thanks to the people that offer these free patterns at their websites. A lot of work has gone into them.
When possible, think of them when you need to purchase patterns and use their sites for shopping.

11" Doll Onesie - Piece by Piece

1800's Ballgown for Barbie - Archive - Barb's Nook

1890's Dress for Skipper - Archive - Barb's Nook

Alice in Wonderland - Vintage - Purple Kitty Yarns

American Girl Bunny Slippers - Cobblers Cabin Web

American Girl Doll Coat and Hat - Donna's Crochet

Baby Doll Bassinet -

Cardigan for 18" American Girl Doll - Dust Bunnies

Camelot - Archive - Barb's Nook

Doll Parlor - Several free Patterns

Fashion Doll Bear Costume - Archive

Fashion Doll 1970's Coat and Hat - Archive

Fashion Doll, Wild West Saloon Girl - Archive - Barb's Nook

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Indian Princess Air Freshener Doll - Crochet n More

Jumper for American Girl Doll - Dust Bunnies

Kelly Doll - American Spirit - Crochet Crafts by Helga

Kelly Doll at the Beach - Kate's Place Dolls

Kelly Doll Ballerina - Kate's Place Dolls

Kelly Doll Beaded Sock Tops - Kate's Place Doll

Kelly Doll Sundress - Kate's Place Dolls

Kelly Doll Victorian Outfit with Muff - Kelly Kustom Knit and Krochet

Lilac Tassel Doll - Donna's Crochet Designs

Oceanside Swimming Stuff for a Dora Doll - Crochetville

Princess Baby Sundress - Amy's Crochet World

Rag Dolls - Donna's Crochet Designs

Santa Air Freshener Doll - Fibre Craft

Samantha Air Freshener Doll - Crochet 'n More

Santa Crochet Doll Outfit - Fibre Craft

Sweet Susie's Doll Outfit - No pic - Yarn Lover's Room

The Girl of the Golden West - Vintage - Crochet Box

Victorian Doll - (Dress pattern below fits this doll)

Victorian Doll's Dress -

Youthful Memories, 18" Doll Dress - Crochetville