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This page contains patterns for free crochet patterns using plastic bags.

Basic Bag - Nezumi World

Basic Clutch - Nezumi World

Bread Bag Tote - My Recycled Bags

Getting Started With Plastic Bags - You Tube Video

Grocery Bag Tote - My Recyled Bags

Handbag - no pic - Yarn Lover's Room

Little Pots - Crochet Me

Little Plastic Pots - Nezumi World

Recycled Bag Tote - Crochet 'n More

Round Plastic Bag Tote - My Recycled Bags

Plarn Yarn Soap Dish - Rachel's Crochet Patterns

Plastic Bag, Bag - Vegan Crochet

Plastic Bag Hat - PDF - No Pic - My Recyled Bags

Plastic Rose for Embellishing Purses etc - Nezumi World

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