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This page includes free crochet patterns for Air Freshener Dolls, Music Box Dolls, Bed Dolls, Pillow Dolls, Music Box Dolls, Bratz,  Dora and many more.

15" Fibrecraft Classic Doll

Betsy Ross - Fibre Craft Archive

Celebration - Fibrecraft Archive

Classic Crochet Doll - Fibrecraft Archive

Air Freshener Dolls

Air Freshener Doll - Crochet n More

Alice in Wonderland - Fibre Craft Archive

Baby on a Hassock - Archive

Fairy - Fibre Craft Archive

Girl with Yellow Dress - Fibre Craft Archive

Go Fly a Kite - Archive

Mrs Claus Air Freshener Doll - Archive

Pink Dress Air Freshener Doll - Fibrecraft Archive

Sweeties - Fibre Craft Archive

Bed Dolls (See also Music Box Dolls as many of these will also work for an 8" Bed Doll)

Anna Lisa - Ricochet

Bed Doll Patterns - Serenitway

Caroline Bed Doll - Ricochet

Rosemary Ann Bed Doll - Ricochet

Suzannah Bed Doll - Ricochet


Blythe Cupcake Hat - Suncatcher Eyes

Cloche Hat - QD Patooties

Bratz Dolls

Bratz Teen Doll 10" Clothes - All Free Crafts

Doll House Patterns

Doll House Rug - Crochet n More

Dora the Explorer

A Perfect 6 - Crochetville

Anne with an E, Dora Outfit - Crochetville

Autumn in Allegheny - Crochetville

Colourful Cowgirl in Calgary - Crochetville

Doing the Zebra Slide - Crochetville

Dora Goes Nautical - Crochetville


Beanie Baby Blanket - Tweezle

Bride Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Cindy Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Granny Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Hollywood Starlette - 17" Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Impkins Artist - Fibre Craft Archive

Indian Chief and Princess Dolls - Size is not stated - Fibre Craft Archive

Kelly Doll - American Spirit - Crochet Crafts by Helga

Mrs Claus Doll for 14" Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Tea Party Dress for a 14" Victorian Lady Doll - Archive

Music Box Dolls

13" Music Box Doll, Cherries Jubilee - Fibrecraft Archive

Cactus Flower Indian Maiden Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Daffodil - Fibre Craft Archive

Harvest Moon for a 13" or an 8" Pillow Doll Native American Music Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Little Red Riding Hood - Archive

Meaghan 13" Music Box Doll - Ricochet

Jacqueline 13" Music Box Doll - Ricochet

Red Riding Hood - Archive

Native American Dolls - 141/2" and 15" Dolls

Chief Rainmaker - Fibre Craft Archive

Indian Chief - 15" Chief Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Indian Pricess Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Indian Princess IV - Fibre Craft Archive

Princess Rainbow - Fibre Craft Archive

Pillow Dolls

Peaches Pillow Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Tiffany 8" Pillow Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Tooth Fairy 8" Pillow Doll - Fibre Craft Archive

Free Crochet Doll Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns

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