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Free Crochet Patterns for Stuffed Animals and Children's Toys

Aerial Pig, Crocheted Flying Pig

Afghan Stitch Dog


Animal Sweater

Baby Bumble Bee



Baseball Buddies - Bat and Balls

Beach Bear Rita - Bear with Sand Bucket, Inflated Beach Toy and Duckie


Blue Totoro

Bombomb from Mario Bros

Bowling Set


Cat and Mouse Amigurumi

Chain Chomp from Mario Bros

Cookies - Several Different Kinds

Checkerboard and Checkers

Crocheted Airplane

Crocheted Ball

Drifloon Plushie Bird

Electrode Stuffed Ball

Fire Flower from Mario Bros

Funmigurumi Cutie Lilly Cat

Funmigurumi Baxter Dog

Funmigurumi Monkeyroo

Funmigurumi Hippo

Goomba from Mario Brothers

Gracie and Her Dragon

Horse or Unicorn Crochet Pattern

Jiggly Puff Toy

King Boo from Mario Brothers

Knome Home

Little Baker Set

Luigi from Mario Brothers

Luma from Mario Bros

Mario Brothers Mushrooms

Mario Plushie from Mario Brothers



Mew Plushie Cat

Mini Airplane

Mini Roll-up Checkerboard


Mr Ribbet Puppet

Nice Knobs for Kids Dressers Etc

Owl Can Toy

Poliwhirl - Frog

Plusle Minon Stuffed Bunnies

Poke Ball

Pony or Horse


Silly Blue Whale

Sock Monkey

Spring Chicks

Stuffed Monkey

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Exercise Clothes, Crochet Jumper, Shirt, Headband, Wristband and Shoes

Teddy Bear Dress, Hat, Underpants and Short Sleeved Shirt for the Above Bear

Teddy Bear Graduation Gown and Hat

Teddy Bear Outfit, Crochet Overalls, Shirt, and Beret Style Hat

The Mighty and Ferocious Dinosaur - No photo

Toad and Toadette - Wolfdreamer off the Hook

Tomato Bag

Toy Potholders - Crochet n More

Turtle Pillow

Voltorb - WolfDreamer Off the Hook

Wool Ease Furry Pal

Your Gonna Catch Flies, Stuffed Frog Treasure Box for Boys

Zebra Finger Puppet