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Learn how to do almost every crochet technique possible. Includes a beginners guide to crochet, crochet instruction pages, and tutorials.

Abbreviations for Crochet

Crochet Abbreviations

How to Read a Crochet Pattern

Vintage Crochet Abbreviations - Barb's Crochet

Bead Crochet

Learn this technique to make crochet jewelry and embellish crochet purses, bags, clothing and where ever you'd like to add an extra touch.

Animated Lessons for Right Handers - Bead Wranglers

Animated Lessons for Left Handers at Bead Wranglers

Bead Crochet Tuturial - Anna Stoller

Bead Crochet Workshops Making Projects - Bead Wrangler

Beaded Rope Instructions -

How to Crochet With Beads -

How to Crochet with Beads - Youtube Video

How to Do Beaded Crochet - Crochet Beginner

How to Make Jewelry with Beaded Crochet - Associated Content

Turkish Flat Beaded Crochet at Beaded Crochet Snakes

Blocking Crochet

Blocking - Crochet Spot

Blocking and Shaping - Crochet Memories

Blue Jean Yarn

How to Make your own Blue Jean Yarn

Broom Stick Lace Instructions

Broom Stick Lace Instructions -

Broomstick Lace Video - Stitch Diva

Cables - How to Crochet

4-Stitch Cable -

6 Stitch Cable -

How to Make Crocheted Cables -

Changing Colors

Changeing Colors or Yarn - Crochet Kitten

How to Change colors

Converting Knitting Patterns to Crochet

Converting a Knitting Pattern to a Crochet Pattern - eHow

Converting knitting patterns to crochet.

Crocheting in the Round

Crocheting in the Round -

Magic Adjustable Ring - Crochet Me

Cross Stitch on Crochet Instructions

Cross Stitch on Single Crochet

Embellishing with Crochet

Embellishing with Woven Chain Design -

Filet Crochet

3 Dc Mesh -

4 Dc Mesh -

Filet Crochet Tutorial - Smart Crochet

How to Get Started in Filet Crochet -

Freeform Crochet

Scrumbling - Knot Just Knitting (Prudence Mapstone - One of free forms greats

Sylvia Cosh and James Walters - Everything about Freeform (This man's books are really inspiring)


Crocheted Chain Fringe How To -

Twisted Fringe - Charm Knits


Gauge - how to figure proper gauge

Hook Size Differences

Granny Squares

Corner Granny Square - Age's Crochet Pages

Hairpin Lace Instructions

How to Make Hairpin Lace -

How to do Hairpin Lace - Bella Online

Hairpin Lace Instructions - Crochet Cabana

How to Read a Crochet Pattern

How to Read a Crochet Pattern - Barb's Crochet Patterns

How to Make a 2 Layer Irish Rose -

Intarsia Crochet

Intarsia is a method of working colors into your crochet to add a picture or design right into the work. It is most often used with the afghan stitch, but can be done with ingenuity  in regular crochet.
Also see Tapestry Crochet for another method.

Carrying Unused Colors -

Changing Colors -

Changing Colors Within a Row -

Tunisian Intarsia -

Irish Crochet

Irish Crochet Motifs - Smart Knit - Scroll down the page

How to Make an Irish Crochet Hat - Free Craft Patterns

Irish Crochet History - Widipedia

Irish Crochet Leaf Tutorial - Curious and Crafty

Irish Rose Square Medallion -

Irish Shamrock -

Hook Conversion Charts

Hook Conversion Chart - Letter to Metric

Joining - Methods of Joining Crochet

Joining Afghan Squares - Crochet Dude

Joining Motifs and Squares -

Marge's Joining Method - Happyghan

Russian Join - Mama Bear

Learn to Crochet

Craft Town - Complete instructions on how to crochet

Head Sizes for Crocheting a Hat

Craftown - Complete free knitting instructions

Learn how to to crochet. This site has lots of how-to links. (Crocheting with Teresa)

YouTube - Video on how to get the right tension.

Plastic Bag Crochet

Making Plastic Bag Yarn - Pacy Crochets Frugal

Purl Crochet

Purl Crochet - Full of Stitches


Crochet Ripples Formula - The Pumamouse Website

How to Crochet a Ripple Scarf - Video - Videopedia

Symbol Crochet

Symbol Crochet - This is a great Tutural on how to understand symbol crochet. Click here to be redirected to Granny's Garret.

Stitches to Inches Chart

Stitches to inches chart. Determine finished size of project by fabric count. Yarn Tree

Patchwork Crochet

Patchwork Crochet Basic Instructions - Craftown

Yarn Yardage Estimater

Yarn Yardage Estimator

How to Make a Pompom - Craftown

Ruffling Technique -

Spirals - Archive - Me Did It


Crochet Steeks

Tapestry Crochet

How to Do Tapestry Crochet - Videos - Tapestry

How to Weave in Ends

How to Weave in Ends -

Weaving with Crochet

Swedish Weaving with Crochet -

Yarn Weights

Baby weight - 1 oz. = 170 - 175 yards
Sport weight - 1 oz. = 90 - 100 yards
Worsted weight or 4 ply - 1 oz. = 50 yards
Bulky weight - 1 oz = 30 - 35 yards

Did you know that if you just need a small amount of a color of yarn that you can put 2 strands of baby yarn together to make 1 strand of sports weight and 2 strands of sport weight to make one strand of worsted weight? Try it when you're in a pinch or when you just don't want to buy that extra skein.

Make a copy of the pattern you are going to use. Then you can make all the notes on it you want and still keep your leaflets like new.

Crochet Techniques