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How to Read a Crochet Pattern

Below you will find a sample crochet pattern. Underneath each instruction you will find it written out so that you can read each line. By the time you are finished with this pattern you should be able to understand how to read most crochet patterns.

Probably the most difficult thing about a pattern is that it is made up of abbreviations. Once you learn those you are well on you way to reading a pattern.

We'll use my free dishcloth pattern shown on the site. Underneath each row are the directions on how to crochet that row.

Crochet Potholder


Crochet Potholder


Matierials: For both dishcloth & potholders - 3.5 ozs. color #46N Rose pink of Lily Sugar'n Cream 4-ply worsted wt. 100% cotton yarn, 2 oz. Ivory #7 Sugar'n Cream Yarn, 2 small plastic rings for hanging potholder. Size G crochet hook or size needed to obtain guage.

GUAGE: With G hook, 1 sc + ch 2, 3 times = 2", 7 rows = 2".
SIZE: Dishcloth - 9 1/2" x 10", Potholders - 6 1/2" X 5 3/4".



Row 1: With rose pink ch 44, turn. Sc in 2nd ch from hook, ch 2, skip 2 ch, sc in next ch, (ch 2, skip 2 ch, sc in next ch) rep across, ch 1, turn (14 ch 2 spaces).

Using rose pink yarn, Chain 44 chains. Turn the chain to work on the other side. Skip the first chain and single crochet in the second chain. Then make 2 chains and skip 2 chains of the original chain and single crochet in the next chain.

Usually when anything is in ( ) it means that the directions will be repeated more than once. Often a * will be used for this same purpose.

Next you will chain two again, skip two chains and single crochet in the next chain. Rep across means to repeat everything that is in the ( ) all the way until the end of the row.

When you are finished with this you need to make one chain to turn the row. When you see ( 14 ch with 2 sp) it just means that if you count the stitches in your work that is how many stitches or repeats you should find. Usually you will find (22 dc) or something similar. When you find this it means you should have 22 double crochets in the row.


Rows 2-3: (Sc in sc, ch 2, skip ch 2 space, sc in next sc) rep across, ch 1, turn. At end of Row 3 change to ivory.

Now we see ( ) again. This means we will be following these instructions more than once, the same as in the above row.

So you need in single crochet in the first single crochet of the first row, make two chains, skip the chain two space of row 1, single crochet in next sc crochet. Repeat across row and chain one to turn.

Because the instructions say Rows 2-3 we know to do these instructions for both Row 2 and for Row 3. At the end of Row 3 change to Ivory yarn.


Rows 4-5: Rep Row 2. At end of Row 5 change to rose pink.

For Rows 4 and 5 you just need to repeat the same instructions as you did for Row 2 and Row 3. At end of Row 5 you need to change to rose pink yarn again.


I think now you will be able to practice what you have just learned, by finishing the dishcloth using the following instructions.


Rows 6-8: With rose pink, rep row 2. At end of row 8 change to ivory.
Rows 9-10: With ivory, rep row 2.
Rows 11-33: Continue alternating rows 6-10 until 33 rows are completed. End off. Work in all loose ends.

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