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You'll find links to free rag doll patterns, free cartoon doll patterns, soft sculpture patterns and more. Every little girl wants a stuffed doll to cherish. 

2" Minature Baby Manequin - Doll Maker's Journey

8" Baby Doll - SNS Dolls

Absolute Sweet Cindy - Doku's Open Hobby Base

Abstemious Little Cindy in the Scullery- Doku's Open Hobby Base

Angel Kitty - Web of Angels

Annie Head Pin Doll - Dollmaker's Journey

Annie LaBouche - Dollmaker's Journey

Apple Head, Gourd Head and Handkerchief Dolls - Mountain Craft

Auntie Stressy Anna - Doll Maker's Journey

Baby Bows - Judi's Dolls

Baby Mer - Dollmaker's Journey

Big Girl Doll - Doll Making by Runo

Button Butterfly Doll - Dollmakers Journey

Celeste, a 24" Wall Doll - Dollmaker's Journey

Cloth Doll Pencil Toppers - Dollmaker's Journey

Dancing Divas -

Dilly Dolly

Etta Mae - Doll Maker's Journey

Friendship Doll - Dollmaker's Journey

Hoe Down Doll - Dollmaker's Journey

Indian Girl with Foxes - Arelene's Original Designs

Jester Pin Doll - Doll Street Dreamers

Lady Bug Pin Doll - Doll Street Dreamers

Little Cherub - The Doll Net

Mardi Gras Dolls - Dollmaker's Journey

Minature Valasia - Doll Maker's Journey

Mini Mermaid - Nuno Dolls

Molly Scare Crow - Dollmaker's Journey

Peaches Ballerina Doll - Judi's Dolls

Oh, My Stars Primative Angel - Craftown

Peaches, Ballerina Angel - Judi's Dolls

Posable Guardian Angel - Dollmaker's Journey

Sisi Paper Doll - S.O. Dollightful Dolls

Teeny Tiny Faierie Flora - Dollmaker's Journey

Swinging on a Star - 5" Pin Doll - Dollmaker's Journey

Tea Cozy Doll - Craftown