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Unusual Ways to Use Vegetables from the Top to the Root

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Unusual Ways to Use Vegetables from Top to Root

Don't throw out any part of a vegetable. Every bit can be used for something. I've always been into saving money on the grocery bill and "waste not want not" is a good motto for vegetables too. Many parts of the vegetable that we throw in the garbage is usable and even taste great.

For instance did you know that the bottom of celery that we cut off and waste can be planted in the ground for an entire new celery plant? You can do this with onions too and it grows more quickly this way.

Use It Up, Don't Throw It Out


Don't forget the tops of beets. They make delicious cooked greens.


We usually throw out the broccoli leafs and only eat the flowerettes from the top of the plant. The leaves themselves are good cooked as a green. There is no reason that the outer stem can't be pared off and then the remaining stalk can be cut up and used for soups and stews. It also taste good in dishes where you would normally use the tops.

When growing your own broccoli, don't pull out the plant after you've removed the tops. The plant will continue to put on new flowerettes as long as you keep it picked.


If you've grown your own cabbage in the garden, don't pull out the entire plant. The cabbage will grow a new head, just like the broccoli does.


Most people already know that potato skins are edible, but if you do peel them the peels can be fried on their own and are tasty. Potatoes that are starting to sprout can also be planted in the garden for a new crop. If the potatoes aren't sprouting well though, they may have been treated with something to keep them from sprouting which may keep them from sprouting well in the garden.


Be sure to roast the pumpkin seeds. These can make a tasty snack.


The tops of the radishes can be used as cooked greens too.


Roast squash seeds just like pumpkin seeds.


Watermelon isn't a vegetable, but it fits in well here. Don't just eat the flesh of the watermelon, but think about using the rind for pickles. Use a special recipe or use a cucumber recipe and substitute the water melon rind.

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