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How to Store Green Tomatoes

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Store Green Tomatoes
1. When we have a cool summer in Michigan, we have more tomatoes left on the vines then we got to use.  Don't waste the green tomatoes  when the first frost arrives.
 Pick the green tomatoes that are even close to full grown size and bring them in the house.
These tomatoes can be stored and will ripen over several weeks if stored properly.  Wrap each tomato separately in a piece of newspaper.  I usually layer them and store in a cardboard box in a cool dry place.
Check the tomatoes occasionally and usually about two weeks later you'll find a nice ripe tomato. For the next few weeks you will continue to have ripe tomatoes.
2. Another method is to pull the vines and hang upside down in the basement. The temperature needs to be between 55 - 65 degrees and plan on cleaning up a mess afterwards as the leaves and dirt will fall.
3. Many people store tomatoes in brown paper bags and this works fine also.