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All about gardening. Learn how to grow vegetables, save time in the garden, save green tomatoes and more. Everyone needs to learn gardening skills whether they are into homesteading or not.. No matter what happens in this worrisome economy, at least it would give people something to eat.

I've had a vegetable garden ever since I can remember. Since I grew up on a farm, it must be in my blood. I'm not happy unless I can grow some of my own food. All the cans of veggies in my pantry give me a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of security too.

If you haven't tried gardening, now is the time. If you don't use commercial sprays and fertilizers on your food, you know it is safe to eat. It will save you a bundle at the grocery store too. 

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Other Good Sites for Gardening Info

Food Self Sufficiency - This link will take you to the Mother Earth News Site. There are several pages that will help you decide how much to plant per person and what yields you can expect from your garden.

Organic Gardening